Welcome to The Art Room


The Art Room is a bright and airy space dedicated to creative activity in Sarah's home in Castlemorton (WR13 6BU), which is a village in South Worcestershire located between Malvern, Ledbury, Tewkesbury and Upton-upon Severn.

The Art Room offers engaging 2d and 3d art and craft workshops and classes for children and young people and (sometimes but less often) adults throughout the year.

Using a wide range of materials - including clay, wool, willow, yarn, natural materials, card, paper, paint, pencils and pens - you are guided through hands-on creative processes to make pictures, models and craft objects.

At The Art Room you can discover new creative skills, have fun, grow in confidence, and make things you are really proud of. Workshops are friendly, sociable and supportive of children of all abilities.  All activities aim to be equally appealing to both boys and girls, men and women.


At The Art Room, creativity is considered a valuable and worthwhile act in itself, regardless of the practical outcome. Whilst learning skills and exploring materials is central to every workshop, it is equally important that everyone taking part feels good and has an enjoyable, relaxing time.


Workshops include all materials and healthy snacks or refreshments. Everyone is made aware of health and safety at the start of every class, invited to wash hands, and given instruction on how to use equipment and materials.

Click here for details about all future workshops at The Art Room. You can book places or ask any questions by emailing Sarah directly using theartroomenquiries@btinternet.com. Places are limited so it's always a good idea to book in advance.


About Sarah

Sarah Rowe is the artist and creative force devising and leading all workshops at The Art Room. She is skilled at drawing, painting and making things with her hands.  A teacher by nature, she is able to inform, explain and lead in a supportive, constructive and fun way. Sarah gets great pleasure from helping others to learn.


After A-levels in Art and Textiles, Sarah completed a degree in Illustration where she studied drawing, painting, narrative, print, life drawing, colour theory, 2d animation and paper mechanics. Since graduating she has worked with all kinds of mediums including clay, willow, wet- and needle-felting and paper collage.


When not planning, promoting and leading workshops, Sarah runs the family home, enjoying cooking and organising occasions and events for her family and in the local community. She loves making her own artwork, walking in the countryside, and leading her circle singing for adults 'Village Harmony' (email villageharmony@btinternet.com for info), and natural voice choir 'These Kids Can Sing!' for young singers age 7-14 based in Malvern (www.thesekidscansing.com for more info).