Terms of Business for The Art Room



You are booking a workshop or workshops for your child/ren as stated on the Booking Form. Your child/ren will receive creative guidance and support from Sarah Rowe during the workshop. All art and craft materials are provided and your child/ren will be able to take their work home when complete. A healthy snack and water to drink will be available.


Sessions will start promptly at the time stated on the Booking Form. Please ensure your child/ren arrive/s promptly to avoid missing essential explanations at the start of the sessions. You are expected to collect your child/ren on time, although sometimes sessions overrun, for which Sarah apologises in advance! No one except the parent/carer stated on the Booking Form will be allowed to collect your child/ren unless by prior arrangement. You will be asked to sign your child/ren in and out of each session. Your child/ren is your responsibility up until signing in and immediately after signing out.


Once your child/ren has/have settled in you will be expected to leave them to enjoy the activities independently. If your child cannot make a session for any reason please let Sarah know with as much time as possible to reduce un-necessary preparation and waste of materials.



Your booking is not fully confirmed and guaranteed for you until a) the Booking Form has been completed and returned and b) payment has been received in full. A readable photograph of the Booking Form is acceptable, as are typed signatures. Workshops and classes are invoiced for at the time of booking and must be paid for by bank-to-bank transfer, in advance, in full, by the date specified on the Booking Form. Cheques are not accepted. Your child’s/ren’s place on the class or workshop will not be held beyond the payment date specified on the Booking Form if payment/ completed documentation is not forthcoming. You will receive confirmation of your payment via email, and a receipt if you request one.



Payments for workshops are non-refundable. If you need to cancel a booking prior to its start date, you MAY be offered a refund IF it is possible to fill your place on the workshop or class before the start date, but this is not guaranteed. You MAY transfer to another workshop or course prior to the start date of your booking IF places are available at another workshop or class, and IF Sarah has not had to turn other clients away after your original booking due to the original course being full. In your child/ren is unable to attend a workshop after the start date, IF there is a place on a suitable alternative workshop then you MAY be offered the opportunity for your child/ren to transfer their booking, but this is not guaranteed and is at Sarah’s discretion. Refunds will not be given as an alternative.


If Sarah has to cancel an individual workshop or class due to unforeseen circumstances then an extra class or workshop will be offered in replacement if possible. If your child/ren cannot attend this then you will be offered a refund for the workshop cancelled. If an extra workshop cannot be offered then you will be offered a refund for the workshop. If a workshop or class has too few individuals booked onto it to make it viable then Sarah reserves the right to cancel the workshop. A full refund of payments already made will be given in these circumstances.



Any medical requirements must be stated on the Booking Form at the time of booking. Sarah will not be able to administer any forms of medicine to your child/ren.


Your chil/ren will be offered healthy snacks at the class or workshop. If your child has specialist food needs or food allergies please be sure to state this on the Booking Form. The Art Room is a nut-free and dairy-free environment but NOT a gluten-free environment. Snacks provided will be fruit and crackers or wholemeal bread/rolls with/without dairy-free spread. If your child/ren requires gluten-free snacks then you are asked to please provide them in a closed container at the start of the session. Every effort will be made by Sarah to ensure your child/ren can eat specialist snacks safely. Please try to remember to send your child in with a water bottle, but if they forget they will be offered a glass of water if they want one.


The Art Room is NOT a pet-hair free environment.



It is possible to access the property where The Art Room is located in a wheelchair with minimal assistance. Workshops and classes are NOT suitable for individuals requiring continual one-to-one assistance with activities or with using the toilet.



Your contact details, and any other information you provide, will be kept by Sarah for use in connection with your booking. You may also be sent details of future art classes and workshops via email or social media. If you do not wish to continue to be sent communications of this nature you can reply UNSUBSCRIBE to an email at any time to stop them. The information you provide will never be shared with anyone else or used for any other purposes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Photos may be taken of your child/ren’s artwork for use in promoting The Art Room via posters, flyers and on social media, and also as content for The Art Room website. They will also be kept by Sarah as a record fof activities. It will not be possible to identify your child through these photographs.


Photos of your children holding their artwork, or at work on an activity, may also be taken for the same purpose. Names will NEVER be used if photos of children are published in any form. If you do not wish to have photos of your child/ren published for use in this way you can opt out on the Booking Form. If this section of the Booking Form is not completed it will be assumed that you have agreed to photos being taken and used in this way.                    



The Art Room is a learning environment, albeit a relaxed and happy one, and behaviour conducive to learning is expected from all child/ren attending. Sarah retains the right to refuse a place on a workshop if an individual’s behaviour has previously made it hard to teach, for everyone to be safe, or for others to learn and have fun. In these circumstance you will be refunded for any workshop paid for but not yet attended. 



Your child/ren may be using paint, glue and other ‘wet’ art materials which may stain or damage clothes. Children will wear aprons at all times but this may not stop things getting onto their clothing. Please do not send your child/ren to workshops wearing anything you would be unhappy for them to spoil.



Your child/ren will use scissors in most workshops at The Art Room. All children attending workshops or classes are expected to be able to use scissors independently and safely.



Every effort has been made to ensure your child is safe when at The Art Room. Your child/ren will be made aware of health and safety issues and behaviour expectations in relation to keeping safe at the start of a workshop block. All children will stay in The Art Room until they have been signed out by the adult collecting them.


NOTE the outside areas of the premises have not been managed to ameliorate / remove risk. Once signed out, if your child chooses to play in the garden (where there are swings, a trampoline, a tree house, pets etc.) Sarah can accept no responsibility for any injury or accident that happens as a result of this activity. To reiterate, your child or children are your responsibility before signing in and immediately after signing out.



The Art Room is happy to be a mobile phone, digital device and screen-free environment. With the exception of times when Sarah uses a camera for taking photos, the use of phones, cameras and other devices is not permitted in The Art Room. All participants of groups and workshops will be asked to turn devices off and put them away at the start of, and for the duration of, the session.



If you need to contact with Sarah to let her know, for example, that you are going to be late to collect your child/ren, please call the landline given on the booking form and leave a message. No other type of call is guaranteed connection. You can also use WhatsApp to send a message, but these messages will not be seen until the end of the workshop. Please only contact Sarah during the workshop if it is strictly necessary.



If you need to contact Sarah or your child/ren in the event of an emergency please contact the landline number given on the booking form. Calls to mobile phones cannot be guaranteed to connect as signal in the Castlemorton area can be poor or non-existent. Do not send text messages or WhatsApp messages in an emergency.



Sarah has Public Liability Insurance and training in Child and Infant First Aid. She also holds an Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate. You can view the certificate in this way:

Go to www.gov.uk/government/organisations/disclosure-and-barring-service 

> “Update Service and other online services”

> “Perform a status check as an employer”

> in the box “Organisation name” simply put your name, then your name again in the “Forename” and “Surname” boxes > continue

> in “Certificate Number” put 001421755724, in “Applicant’s Surname on Certificate” put ROWE (in capitals), in “Date of Birth on Certificate” put 21/02/1978 > continue

> Check the box “I agree with the legal declaration” in the “Legal Declaration” pop-up (Sarah Rowe expressly gives you permission to do this) > continue

> Here you can view Sarah’s up-to-date certificate


In the event of an emergency relating to your child/ren you will be contacted immediately on the phone numbers you provide on the Booking Form.